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Money2India-Loyalty programme

Overview of the programme

M2I Rewards is the loyalty and rewards program of Money2India launched in the month of October 2018. This unique tier based program which includes 4 tiers – Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Each tier will have exclusive benefits associated. Customers can also move up the tier-ladder by achieving higher transaction milestones. The program thus ensures that your Money2India journey is more rewarding.

We invite you to be a part of our loyalty and rewards programme!

Programme structure

Tiers Definition

Money2India’s registered customers will be segmented in loyalty tiers Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum based on their transaction pattern. Customer who have not transacted in this period will be inducted into the Loyalty program in the Blue tier after completing one successful transaction.

Each tier will have an associated entry criteria and validity criteria.

Tier Validity

The validity date is defined as number of days of validity from the day from which the customer has entered the particular tier. Customers should complete the required number of transactions for maintaining their current tier by the validity date. If they get upgraded to a higher tier, the validity date is re-computed from the date of upgrade.

Tier Retention

Customers are required to complete the number of the transactions with the required transaction amount defined as per the tier validity criteria to continue enjoying the tier benefits after the validity date.

Tier Renewal

If a customer does not complete the required number of the transactions and amount for the current tier within the validity period, s/he will be downgraded to a lower tier.

Tier Upgrade

A customer will be upgraded to a higher tier as and when s/he satisfies the criteria (number of transactions and amount) for the higher tier in the preceding 365 days. Post upgrade, customer’s validity days will be re-computed from the day of upgrade. As Platinum is the highest tier, tier upgrade criteria will not be displayed for customers in Platinum tier.

Benefits of the programme

Benefits associated with tiers

Customers will enjoy higher preferential rates for each Money2India transaction. Higher the tier, higher will be the preferential rate.

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